Young Statisticians and Probabilists (YSP) Days

Next day

The 12th day will take place on January 17, 2024 at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris.

Themes will be:
  • Optimal Transport: Vincent Divol, Keanu Sisouk, Gauthier Thurin
  • Simulation and Generatiev Modelling: Marylou Gabrié, Louis Grenioux, Julia Linhart
  • Causality: Judith Abécassis, Lei Zan, Audrey Poinsot
  • Debate on the environment: an active session co-organised with the Environment group of the French Statistical Society.

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The purpose of these days is to allow young probabilists and statistician (s) to meet and share in a friendly atmosphere. They also allow them to discover the breadth of the world of research.

Organization of a day

One day breaks down into four one-hour sessions, two in statistics and two in probability. Each session focuses on a theme and breaks down into:
A thirty minute tutorial done by a researcher.
The goal is to provide the basis and the notation necessary to understand the presentations that will follow so that everyone can understand without being a specialist in the field. The audience will be able to ask questions during the tutorial.
Two 15-minute presentations each made by PhD students on their research theme.
The interest is that the guardian has helped before the exhibitors to allow them to make a presentation in the best conditions.

Who is this day for?

This day is especially for:
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