19 I 21 September, 2022 in Paris
When Machine Learning meets Statistics For Drug Development and Evaluation
19 - 21 September 2022 in Paris
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We are delighted to invite you to Paris for the
9th Statistics & Biopharmacy Conference!
9th Statistics and biopharmacy conference
The SnB2022 Conference organized by the Statistics and Biopharmacy group of the SFdS (French Society of Statistics) will be held in Paris 19-21 September 2022.
It is a unique event, usually organized every four years, integrating multiple perspectives on innovative applied statistical research for the drug development and an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from academia, regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies. It is to preserve this unique interactive feature that we chose to postpone the incoming edition of the conference originally planned in September 2021 as SnB2021.
The Statistics & Biopharmacy conference is inspired by recent developments and innovations in the field of health and clinical trials. This will be a unique opportunity to provide a scientific forum for international exchanges on theory, methods and applications of statistics & machine learning in clinical research among statisticians from various sectors and members of other disciplines interested in this field.
The conference venue is the Adenauer auditorium, located in Paris International University Campus.
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