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The Statistics and Sport Group, created at the 50th Journées de Statistique, acts as a unifying entity bringing together sports professionals, statisticians, researchers and teachers. The goal of this group is to have a common language to build a dialogue between statisticians and practitioners with a choice of common themes.

The three potential paths are education, service and research:
■ develop courses to increase statistical skills in sport;
■ provide tools for decision-making in clubs, federations, sports and event marketing;
■ draw inspiration from sport for the development of methods.


- Christian Derquenne, EDF R&D (President)
- Arthur Leroy, Paris 5 (Vice-president)
- Marta Avalos-Fernandez, Université de Bordeaux (General secretary)
- Geoffroy Berthelot, INSEP (Webmaster)
- Brigitte Gelein, ENSAI (Treasurer)
- Guiillaume Saulière, INSEP (Assistant Secretary)

Other elected members:
Jérémy Chéradame (FFR), Pierre Druilhet (Université Clermont-Auvergne), Geoffrey Lefèbvre (INJEP), Sébastien Bailly (Université Grenoble-Alpes)

Extended Office:
Romain Massal (AXIAL), Philippe Bastien (L’Oréal), Sébastien Marque (Capionis), Julien Piscione (FFR), Adeline Leclercq-Samson (IMAG), Anne Renaud (BFS), Adrien Marck (INSEP), Bruno Dietsch (INJEP)


To contact us: Christian Derquenne

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