YoungStatS and webinar project will be announced during the World Statistics Day

The project will be presented on Tuesday, October 20th, in the context of the World Statistics Day. The presentation will take place on Zoom at 17:00 (Central European Summer Time, Berlin/Bratislava/Brussels).
We are honoured that the opening speech will be provided by Dr. Walter J. Radermacher, President of FENStatS. He will be joined by the project editorial members and representatives of Young Sections of national statistical societies involved in the YoungStatS project: Andrej Srakar (Slovenia, coordinator of the project), Christian Capezza (Italy), Fatemeh Ghaderinezhad (Belgium), Geneviève Robin (France), Michael Fop (Ireland) and Raluca Caplescu (Romania).
Registration is online.

We welcome the creation of Young Statisticians Europe whic has an official webpage on Fenstat:

Scientific lunchs

Within the « Journées de Statistique », The Young Statisticians organize two scientific lunchs simultaneously on Thursday 6th June 2019 on the following themes:

Summer school in Senegal

We organise as members of the Young Statisticians a summer school in Senegal in July 2019.
More informations here.

Journées YSP 7th edition

The 7th day took place in January 25th 2019 in Hermite amphitheater at IHP.
More informations on the dedicated page.<

Regional Workshop of European young researchers in statistics

October 29-31 2018, Paris (France)

The idea of this first event is to organize a meeting between early-career statisticians in Europe. During this workshop two types of session will be held, scientific ones and administrative ones. In one hand, the scientific sessions aim at getting to know research topics of people attending in order to promote future collaborations. In an other hand, the administrative ones are meant to propose new ideas to organize future events in Europe or around the world.
We hope that this event could help to strengthen international links by offering anopportunity for representatives of European statistical societies to meet. Hence, this event may improve networking and so facilitate international collaboration, and communication about post-doctoral offers for instance.
The regional workshop is open to all young statisticians so, PhD students, postdocs and early-career researchers (until 5 years of experience) are welcomed!
The 1st workshop will be held in Paris, France on October 29-31 2018. More informations here.

Data Challenge

The Data Challenge is a competition which aims at studying datasets provided by public organizations.

2018 Edition

The inaugural issue is organized in collaboration with Quantmetry and EDF.
The registrations are open from Late January for teams of one to three persons. The dataset will be available after the registration. The presentation of the two best solutions will take place at the special session of the Young Statisticians within the JdS 2018 at Saclay. More informations on the dedicated page.

7th meeting of the Young Statisticians / Invited speakers

Thursday 31th May in the evening, The Young Statisticians invite you to meet at the café Daguerre, i to promote the dialogue between young statisticians and invited speakers who have agreed to participate in the event. For that, you just have to take the shuttle of Thursday to the Porte d'Orléans (think of ticking the box during your registration) and then to follow one of the members of the group.

Since 2012,this friendly moment is a success. Feel free to come and take this opportunity to discuss more informally with the best experts of statistics. More informations on the dedicated page.

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