The young statisticians /Invited speakers are the founding event of the group. Since the JdS 2012 in Brussels, the young statisticians have the possibility of being able to discuss in a friendly environment with the invited speakers in a relaxed framework in order to ask the questions they do not have. do not necessarily dare to ask in a packed amphitheater, discuss opportunities for future collaborations or simply to exchange on various topics. These meetings are held every Thursday evening of the week of the JdS.

The 7th meeting will take place on Thursday, May 31st, at JdS 2018

On Thursdays night, the group invites you to meet at Daguerre café
(see map below), with the aim of promoting dialogue between young statisticians and invited speakers who have agreed to participate in the event. For that, you just have to take the shuttle from Thursday to the Porte d'Orléans (think to check the box during your registration) and then to follow one of the members of the group.

Since 2012, this convivial moment is a success. Feel free to come and take this opportunity to discuss more informally with best experts of statistics.

A flyer with details (place and time) of the gathering, will be distributed during the JdS.

Coffee location
Itinerary from the stop of the shuttles

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