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This meeting is part of the ECAS courses (15 courses between 1987 and 2015 and three per year in 2017 and 2018) which are intended to achieve postgraduate training in special areas of statistics for both researchers and teachers at universities. Young researchers especially from all European countries are encouraged to participate and to contribute to an international audience.

The French statistical society (SFdS) is also involved in the ECAS initiative and in particular is associated with the organization and the administration of the course.

So, the course benefits from the Board of ECAS and the Council of SFdS. The coordination and organization of the school is ensured by Jean-Michel Poggi and Adeline Samson.

With the kind support of:

The course benefits from the financial support of the Fondation mathématique Jacques Hadamard (FMJH) and the Agence pour les mathématiques en interaction avec l’entreprise et la société (AMIES).

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